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What is the MiFi Router and CPE Router?

1. What is MiFi Router

MiFi Router is also called Mobile WIFI Hotspot. As a portable broadband wireless device, mobile MiFi integrates the functions of a modem, a router, and an access point. The built-in modem can access a wireless signal, and the internal router can support 10 or more users simultaneously. The modem is used to receive a wireless signal, and then share this signal with other devices through its built-in router, such as our tablets, notebooks, mobile phones, and other devices that support WiFi.

Maybe people will ask why we don’t use a mobile phone.

There are some advantages of MiFi over a mobile phone as hotspot WiFi:


  •  Battery life

 MiFi can support 6-10 hours of continuous use, and 200 hours of standby time. However, our mobile can’t do that. Mobile phone hotspots can be used temporarily or occasionally. The battery will be consumed in a short time. When the battery power is exhausted, we couldn’t use the phone to do important things.


  • Stable Signal

 Smartphones often go offline, and MiFi’s signal is stable, which will not affect the user- experience. When a call comes in, the network will be disconnected, which will affect the experience of other terminals. If the network is disconnected at a critical moment, it may also cause certain losses.


  • Superfast Internet speed

 The internet speed of smartphones will be slow because they have too many applications to deal with.


  • Support multi-user connection

 MiFi can support 10 users simultaneously.


 SmileMbb MiFi Router
A high-performance 4G MiFi device, supporting all AP (Access Point) functions. Wherever in the office, at a hotel or home, during traveling, or on the way somewhere, MiFi can build up high-speed internet access freely. Unlocked XMF1841 is with a 2150mAh removable battery and 2.4GHz 1*1MIMO Up to 150Mbps. Its Wi-Fi standard max supports 10 users simultaneously.


2. What is CPE Router

CPE Router is called Customer Premise Equipment. CPE is a mobile signal access device that receives mobile signals and forwards them with wireless WIFI signals. It is also a way to convert high-speed 4G or 5G signals into WiFi or LAN port. The number of signal equipment that can support simultaneous Internet access is also large.

CPE is often deployed at the customer end of the FTTX home customer service, which is used to provide integrated access to services such as wired broadband, IPTV, and VOIP for home customers. The CPE is connected to the PON transmission network and downstream to specific business equipment to complete the connection between the access network and the user equipment. CPE routers are often widely utilized in rural areas, towns, hospitals, units, factories, communities, and other wireless network access, which may save the value of laying wired networks. For most foreign countries, using the CPE router will be more convenient.

5G CPE Router 
SmileMbb 5G Indoor CPE with 3.5 Gbps downlink supports 5G NSA/SA & 4G. And the XHC5151supports both 4G / 5G networks and fix-line networks, so you will get a more stable and fast Wi-Fi connection once you use it. It can bring consumers an ultra-wide-band Internet access experience similar to optical fiber.


3. The difference between CPE and MiFi

Both MiFi Router and CPE Router convert LTE signals into WiFi signals, which is convenient for us to access the Internet wirelessly by mobile phones, pads, and computers. But they also have some differences:

MiFi Router: a. small size, easy to carry (the size is equivalent to a credit card); b. with 2150mAh battery; c. supports 10 users simultaneously´╝Ť d. can be used anytime, anywhere.

CPE Router: a.large size; b.fixed placement; c.without battery; d.plug and play; 32 users simultaneously.
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