Smilembb is committed to providing advanced wireless 4G/5G CPE for Internet of Everything.
About Us

SmileMbb is a subsidiary of V-SOL, a world-leading company in FTTH
Focusing on Products
15+year experience in providing EPON/GPON OLT, ONU, and 4G/5G CPE
Full-service Capability
Full services of hardware, firmware, software, manufacturing, and OEM/ODM
Professional Manufacturer
Offer manufacturing equipment covering SMT/DIP/Assembly/Testing line

Why Choose Us
Professional Manufacturer
Professional Manufacturer
We are a professional manufacturer with 15+ years R&D experience in CPE products.
Deliver on Time
Deliver on Time
We have first-class production line & strict quality control system ensures on-time delivery.
Good Service
Good Service
We have night shift online service. All your questions can be responded promptly.
Provide OEM and ODM service
Provide OEM and ODM service
We can offer OEM & ODM Customized Service for strategic customers.
Key Technical Components of Wireless CPE Jul 16, 2024 Key Technical Components of Wireless CPE

In today's advanced wireless communication landscape, wireless CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) devices like the 5G CPE Router with WiFi6 Connection are vital for stable network connections. This article delves into the key technical components of wireless CPE, including AP processors, BP processors, baseband chips, RF chips, and System On Chip (SOC) solutions. Understanding these components is crucial for appreciating how 4G and 5G CPE routers from SmileMbb deliver efficient and convenient net

Indoor CPE vs Outdoor CPE: A Comprehensive Guide Jul 11, 2024 Indoor CPE vs Outdoor CPE: A Comprehensive Guide

Indoor CPE and outdoor CPE are two types of devices that are used to connect to the internet. They have different features and are designed for different purposes. This guide will help you understand the difference between indoor and outdoor CPE so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

Your New Mobile Broadband Choice - 5G CPE Jul 08, 2024 Your New Mobile Broadband Choice - 5G CPE

Discover the future of mobile broadband with 5G CPE! This innovative device converts 5G signals into high-speed Wi-Fi, offering unmatched mobility and flexibility for seamless internet access anytime, anywhere.

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Smilembb focuses on 4G and 5G communications technology, providing IoT products and services of 4G and 5G indoor and outdoor CPE, industrial gateway and portable MiFi.
Meanwhile, SmileMbb owns a professional R&D team with over 100 engineers and production capacity up to 800K per monthly, supports OEM and ODM service for customers globally.

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