Guide to SmileMbb 4G CPE Configuration
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By Doris He | 12 December 2022 | 4 Comments

Guide to SmileMbb 4G CPE Configuration

The following guide will assist in setting up and installing the SmileMbb LTE CPE.

1. Features of SmileMbb 4G CPE

SmileMbb 4G CPE Router provides superior wireless access performance and comprehensive routing capabilities to bring wireless broadband data and voice services to end-users. Meanwhile, it supports CAT4 at a competitive price. 


2. Accessing the Internet using an LTE network

First, you need to insert a SIM card. The XMC1841 multi-band CAT4 LTE Router is portable, with a SIM card slot, two WAN/LAN ports, and a Telephone port, so you can plug and play in a variety of scenarios as you like.No need for a removal pin, you can put the SIM card directly into the slot.

Note: Do not remove the SIM card when it is in use, Doing so will affect the performance of your device, and data stored on the SIM card may be lost.

Step 2:Connecting cables

Plug the power adapter into the power connector.

After powering on, the POWER indicator will light up steadily.

Depending on your needs, you can connect the router to your computer or plug in network cables or a telephone line.

Note: To prevent interference caused by radio signals, place the device at least 1 meter away from the telephone and other electrical devices.


3. Setting up a Wi-Fi connection

Step 1:Enable Wi-Fi on the device

When the Wi-Fi indicator is steady on, the Wi-Fi function of the device is turned on.

Step 2: SSID and Wi-Fi key

The default SSID and Wi-Fi key are printed on the device's bottom label.

Step 3: Setting up a Wi-Fi connection on your client

Method 1: Setting up a Wi-Fi connection manually

1. From your Wi-Fi-enabled mobile device, scan for wireless networks in your area.

2. Connect to the network name that matches the SSID found on the device label.

3. When prompted for a password, enter the Wi-Fi Key found on the device label. (The Wi-Fi key is case-sensitive.) Your mobile device will notify you when it is connected.

Method 2: Setting up a Wi-Fi connection through WPS

If the mobile device supports WPS, you can set up a WPS connection as follows:

1. Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled on the mobile device.

2. Press the WPS button for 3 seconds.

3. Activate the WPS connection to the mobile device in 2 minutes.


4. Configuring your device

a. After a mobile device is connected to the device through Wi-Fi or LAN port, launch a browser and visit or hp:// (refer to the device label).

b. Enter the default user name and password to log in to the web management page. The default user name and password are printed on the device's boom label.

c. Follow the quick setup wizard to check or set the network to connect on parameters step by step. For details, see the help information on the web management page.


5. For more help

If you are experiencing any issues with the router device:

  • Restart the device.

  • See the help information on the web management page.

  • Restore the device to its factory setting.

  • Contact your service provider.

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