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Congratulates V-SOL joined Guangdong 5G Industry Application Technology Innovation Alliance

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Update time : 2022-01-06 17:36:07


The annual working conference of the Guangdong province 5G industry application technology innovation alliance was held in the Guangdong building on December 30, 2021. The purpose of this conference was to award the membership plaque to new members in 2021. V-SOL was awarded the membership plaque as a new member joining successfully.


Guangdong province 5G industry application technology innovation alliance is a 5G industry application organization led by Guangdong new-generation communication and network innovation research institute, uniting with related leading enterprises and several scientific and technological collaborative innovation centers, standard research institutions, communication equipment manufacturers and operators in the province. 



V-SOL was established in 2007 and began to develop LTE /5G products in 2019. It has established industry-university-research collaboration with south China university of technology and other universities. And V-SOL established a subsidiary named SmileMbb in Shanghai and a 5G product R&D base in Guangzhou. At present, V-SOL has attracted a group of technicians who has high-end academic attestation, rich experience in communication terminal product development and professional communication software&hardware technology to join the 5G R&D team. Core members of the V-SOL team have worked in leading communication enterprises for many years. They have mastered key technologies of software or hardware in 5G terminal software protocols, 5G terminal heat dissipation and 5G terminal antenna design. They have high technical capabilities in 5G terminal products and application solutions. V-SOL is committed to becoming a communication solution expert in the field of the internet of things. V-SOL will provide more intelligent, more secure wireless connections and application solutions through the spirit of hardworking craftsmen. At present, V-SOL has been successfully selected as an enterprise with specialization, refinement, differentiation, innovation in Guangdong province in 2021, which proves that it has strong innovation capabilities and sufficient development resilience. 



It marks a breakthrough in promoting ecological cooperation for V-SOL after joining the alliance. It is to make use of the innovation platform related to 5G in the Daya bay district, implement and strengthen the cooperation between industry, university and enterprise for accelerating 5G innovation. V-SOL will develop more high-quality 5G access terminal products, consolidate the foundation of the digital bay area network and promote 5G application innovation in the future. It takes the "twin cities" (Guangzhou and Shenzhen) as a pivot, strengthens the connection and cooperation, increases the transformation of 5G application achievements among alliance members for accelerating the process of industrial digitalization and digital industrialization in the Greater Bay Area.

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